Days of Stress!!

Sometimes, there are moments in life where you feel like there is too much stress too handle. Every human being on this earth has experienced this one way or another, and sometimes is takes a huge toll mentally and physically. But I guess, we all need this once is a while, is a form to recharge, to re-think why we are doing this in this life, and get that ounce of motivation of our loved ones. Never give up, always keep going !!!


Home made Acai smoothie Bowls πŸ˜‹

Lately I have been having home made acai smoothie bowls for dinner. I feel like this is the best way to restrain eating too much calories during the night, + Acai is known to be good for antioxidants, cleaning your body.


1 Acai frozen pack

2 scoops of vegan ice cream (any flavor)

small splash of almond milk

1 scoop or organic protein

1/2 cup of oats

4-5 ice cubes



chopped strawberry

chopped banana

handfull blueberries


sprinkled coconut

sprinkle of Chia seeds



Express yourself in honor & Soul

Everyday that you wake up out of your bed, you should embrace that fact that you have oxygen. Oxygen, life, and power will give you the strength needed to have a successful day. Every human being on this earth has obstacles they go through. It is just a rule of life, because all the money in the world cannot buy being immortal. Money is not the answer but rather time, and how you spend that valuable time. Believe in what you are, express yourself in honor & soul. Life is black and white, either you choose the positive path or you engage yourself with the negativity.



How has the first month of 2018 been for you?

Take the next couple of days reflecting on the first month of 2018, January. Are you on track with the New Years resolution goals you have set for yourself? Are you still engaged in the same bad habits from 2017? What do you have to do and work on to better yourself on for 2018?


Even though it has just been the first month of the year, time expires rapidly! Do not keep saying ill do better tomorrow, no, do better RIGHT NOW!

Death hits home….

When a person you love dies, it truly takes a part of your heart along with it. When you get the news from one moment to another, your mood goes from joyful to instant depression. The cray thing about death is that every individual goes through it, whether someone you love dies, or you die and leave your loved ones in pain. Always protect yourselves, kiss & hug the ones that you love NOW!!! do not waste anytime.

Sunsets express life!!

The beauty of a sunset is that it is a moment where you can reflect on life. Seeing the natural colors that life provides into your life is prove that there is something much more than our brains know. Always take a moment, take a breather to look up at the sky and be thankful that you are who you are, and you can make a difference in this life.

Professional sports are business!! NOT REAL!!

Professional sports (NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, MLS etc) are constructed on a business level, meaning the “fans” are being tricked. For example, an average person at a job cannot do their job right and there will be consequences maybe even fired. If a professional sports athlete doesn’t play right, they will still get their full paycheck!! The Fans fight each other, while the players protect players, managers protect managers and owners protect owners. Why don’t we the fans ever protect each other and demand justice. We need to stop feeding into these little games.

The world we live in is fake, but the problems feel so real!

The world in which we live in is fake, meaning the government takes control of the person you are. everything you do, any little movement, costs money that people simply don’t have. Even going to the bathroom, toilet paper is costly, as well as life and death. The perfect example is paying for a labor to be produced, and paying for death a funeral. Where is the balance in this life, all we see is wars and people dying left and right???

A big shoutout to people who enjoy helping out other people.

As I am writing this, I was seeing people (faculty & staff) help students out in such a generous way. This interaction has inspired me to enhance the way that I interact with people as well. Every single human being in this world has “common sense”, which means that we all know right from wrong. Why not spread positivity, why not be the best human being you can possibly be? The opportunities for every individual on this earth are endless. Β Aspire to inspire others, always think about the future, and lets try our best to eliminate corruption.

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