The world we live in is fake, but the problems feel so real!

The world in which we live in is fake, meaning the government takes control of the person you are. everything you do, any little movement, costs money that people simply don’t have. Even going to the bathroom, toilet paper is costly, as well as life and death. The perfect example is paying for a labor to be produced, and paying for death a funeral. Where is the balance in this life, all we see is wars and people dying left and right??? Advertisements Continue reading The world we live in is fake, but the problems feel so real!

A big shoutout to people who enjoy helping out other people.

As I am writing this, I was seeing people (faculty & staff) help students out in such a generous way. This interaction has inspired me to enhance the way that I interact with people as well. Every single human being in this world has “common sense”, which means that we all know right from wrong. Why not spread positivity, why not be the best human being you can possibly be? The opportunities for every individual on this earth are endless.  Aspire to inspire others, always think about the future, and lets try our best to eliminate corruption. Continue reading A big shoutout to people who enjoy helping out other people.

The meaning of Life?

-The meaning of life allows for one to inspire , to prosper. Yes all of us have a hidden or visible disability, but we have to learn to continue to fight every single day of life. You might think you have it bad, but when you think about life, there are people who are in worse situations. Things like these include being homeless, having a terminal disease, or not having anyone to count on like family. As long as you have breath, the power of oxygen goes a long way. Continue reading The meaning of Life?

Do you ever feel hopeless?

Sometimes in life, one just feels hopeless & lost without any sense of direction. This is me right now, and it is not a pleasant feeling. It is not about the money or having materialistic things, but having a true internal connection with your heart & soul. Words seem to be powerful, but in reality actions are what makes love worth it. Having the faith & confidence in yourself, that you will be able to succeed into a place where you are truly happy is the goal of every human on earth. The truth is that no human being will … Continue reading Do you ever feel hopeless?

ACAi BOWL for the summer !!!!

This is the addiction that has taken the United States by storm. The hot weather allows for th perfect healthy snack. This is an acai bowl, that can be founded through the beach coast of Southern California. The location is called “Banzai Bowls”, and this location is located in Huntington Beach, CA. There are a variety of Bowls but the ones you see here are the “Maui sunrise” bowl & the pirata bowl. It is a recommendation a must try!!!!! Continue reading ACAi BOWL for the summer !!!!