ACAi BOWL for the summer !!!!

This is the addiction that has taken the United States by storm. The hot weather allows for th perfect healthy snack. This is an acai bowl, that can be founded through the beach coast of Southern California. The location is called “Banzai Bowls”, and this location is located in Huntington Beach, CA. There are a variety of Bowls but the ones you see here are the “Maui sunrise” bowl & the pirata bowl. It is a recommendation a must try!!!!!


FLOWER- An example of the beauty of Life!

A flower is a perfect example of the beauty that life has to offer. The flower is planted, and then it will proceed to blossom. This can be correlated to a human life, because a human is planted by other humans, and one grows as a baby to an adult. The flower always represents love & peace, just how our choices should reflect our lives in a great way. The flower’s resemblance is appealing to the eye, if we see the beauty in the flower than we can also see it in another human being. The truth be truth & the peace be peace within. Wise choices will have you smiling from cheek to cheek, every human will die, so money & materialistic things will never buy death nor happiness. (photos Taken by me.)



My heaven on earth is the stadium in Mexico City also known as Estadio Olimpico. My father is a die hard fan of the Pumas de la UNAM. I am as well a huge fan of this team, we had the opportunity to both attend our first game here together. Not only is it just a soccer team, it is also the biggest University in Latin America. I recommend anyone to atttend a game or even just visiting the university, taking in the natural architecture beauty that this school has to offer.



Mother’s Day, in reality it should be every single day of your life, 24/7 365 days a year. A mother should be appreciated every second of life, she gave you this life, give her unconditional love, good words, accomplishments & time. Your mother breaths everyday and struggles on the grind just so you can be safe & alright. Never give her problems or heartbreaks, because when she isn’t around anymore, you will be living the the rest of your life with heartache!
Appreciate her every moment,
God’s blessing will increase the movement 🙏🏻🌹🌺🌷 je t’aime mamanIMG_0821IMG_0830

life has 2 paths

IMG_0812fix2       Life gives you different pathways as to the way you want to live your life. The most common are a happy joyful lifestyle, or in the darkside that has to deal with drugs, alcohol, and addictiveness. Before choosing your way, think of the people that love you, that want the best for you. Love is in the air 24/7 and absorb all the wonderful feelings that come your way by the people that believe in you. Become the difference we seek in life, put on a great forth example and live wisefully.

photo taken in downtown Los Angeles. I love my city.


The beauty of Mexico City, Mexico is astounding. Spring 2017 was full of memories with family in this incredible city. Lots to see & do, especially the main plaza the “Zocalo” as you see the picture in the photo below. IMG_0722


Parents are what shape you as a human being. They love, care, unite, and protect you to create the best atmosphere possible. Always cherish the seconds that you are with your parents because no one in this world is eternal. We all will be extinct some day, so the memories you create on earth are worth 700X the money that you can ever have. Simple thoughts.IMG_0764fix2

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