life has 2 paths

       Life gives you different pathways as to the way you want to live your life. The most common are a happy joyful lifestyle, or in the darkside that has to deal with drugs, alcohol, and addictiveness. Before choosing your way, think of the people that love you, that want the best for you. Love is in the air 24/7 and absorb all the wonderful feelings that come your way by the people that believe in you. Become the difference we seek in life, put on a great forth example and live wisefully. photo taken in downtown Los Angeles. I … Continue reading life has 2 paths


Parents are what shape you as a human being. They love, care, unite, and protect you to create the best atmosphere possible. Always cherish the seconds that you are with your parents because no one in this world is eternal. We all will be extinct some day, so the memories you create on earth are worth 700X the money that you can ever have. Simple thoughts. Continue reading PARENTS:


life is a powerful tool. It is well worth it if one lives life in positivity. Trust in your abilities to become better than the person you were yesterday. Life has 2 perspectives everyday. In one end one makes it to tomorrow a better person, in that same span you have one day less of life that we all need to take advantage in great spirits. Let us all do good for this world that desperately needs it. We have to fight for love and human union to achieve the goal everyone wants in life. Continue reading LIFE IS BLESSED.